31 Oct 2012

Making your Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol is a fat-rich substance that plays an important role in the body, but if it’s available in small amounts.

Cholesterol Crunchies!

Cholesterol Crunchies!

Cholesterol helps the body to synthesize hormones such as estrogen and testosterone and vitamin D.The liver makes use of vitamin D when producing bile which is an important component in the digestion of fats. They provide blood cells with exterior protection by creating a cover on them.

However, excessive amounts of cholesterol are harmful and can lead to fatal ailments. Among the risks which they cause are heart failure and cardio-vascular diseases. Excessive amount of cholesterol enters the blood stream and gets deposited in many places such as blood arteries, organs and tissues. When they stick at the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol prevents the normal flow of blood.

Among the factors that are responsible for the accumulation of cholesterol are gender, age and internal dysfunctions. Also, the kind of diet which you take determines the amounts of cholesterol which is to be deposited into the blood stream. Diet that’s low in cholesterol can help you reduce weight and also enhance your overall body condition.

Fats can be classified as unsaturated and saturated. Saturated fats are the one that is responsible for the accumulation of cholesterol in your body. Unsaturated fats assist to reduce the amounts of fats that are available in a human body thus limiting the chances of suffering from cardio vascular ailments.

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Always use diets that are low in cholesterol and foods that have excessive fats need to be avoided. Improve your intake of carbohydrates and natural fiber because these will improve your digestion. Animal products, dairy products and other meals should be excluded from your low cholesterol dietmeals and be replaced with saturated fats and fish. Your diet should have enough of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Eat enough of peas, beans, cabbage, carrots oranges. Cooking your own meals will enable you avoid excessive fats.

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