20 Nov 2012

Business Facebook Page Design Invites “Likes”

For a small business Facebook page design can be a complicated process. While it is easy to sign up for a company page on the social networking site it is another thing to provide the continuity of the company’s image from a website to Facebook. The success of small business promotions on social networks come as people become fans of a page. The stumbling block that a number of companies face comes from not knowing how to approach the people that do not want to be sold anything when they visit Facebook. Because of the social nature of the network, individuals that are connecting to friends and businesses tend to seek out organizations that share their values. People become fans of companies that they share an association or interest with. The mistake that many business owners make when setting up their company Facebook account is that they try to sell their products or services in a setting that is not designed for eCommerce.

Direct Selling is Not Conducive to Social Environments

Instead of posting comments about how wonderful an item is, business owners do better when they view social media as an invitation to a cocktail party. They can be formal and friendly in their approach to the millions of people on Facebook without coming across as a telemarketer or pushy salesman. If you were going to a party you would expect to have your guard down as you mingled with the guests and learned a little about the people that interested you the most. Social media is the party that people go to when they want to meet new friends and catch up with old ones. No one looks at Facebook as a place where they go to be sold something. That would be the equivalent of sitting through a time share presentation after being invited to a causal open house. The pressure of selling turns people off. If an audience senses that they are being sold their defenses go up and they will not become a fan of the business that has invested in a professional profile.

Wise Promoters a Sell a Business without Selling Its Products

The laid back environment that provides opportunities for people to mingle online is open to the possibility of getting to know a business before making a purchase. The corporate culture that exists on social media websites is casual. Businesses that post jokes and poke fun of them self through tongue in cheek comments do not deliver backhanded judgments, but do give people a chance to see what a company is like after the doors close at the end of the work day. Fun filled entertaining business posts provide the content that social media enthusiasts prefer. Contents and giveaways drive the number of “likes” a page will get. Discounts and promotions that are only available to Facebook fans encourage people to join in the number of people who “like” a business for what is and isn’t saying. Although it can be difficult to navigate the sales approach to not selling directly to an audience many companies are using their business Facebook page design to attract consumers to their store.

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