What is a Muzzler?
19 Sep 2015

What is a Muzzler?

Being involved in the paper delivery industry for quite some time, you tend to develop a persona that distinguishes your identity as a paper delivery person. You inherit these persona’s and start to become a product of the product.

A “MUZZLER” is technically a paper carrier; someone who is hired to distribute newspaper, flyers and or other promotional materials and publications, door-to-door and to other specified places. Actually he is the bottom line of any advertising and marketing campaign for those companies that uses “Direct Marketing”.

Muzzer’s are those people who shows up week in and week out to do what is required of them (throw paper) for various companies. For the most part, they work in inclement weather conditions for long periods of time and walk several miles in any given day.

A Muzzer has to have strong stamina and patients to deal with some of the occurrences the’re faced with each day. For instance, they have to endure carrying a canvas bag full of the clients literature but, the object is to rid yourself of the publication so it’ll relieve some of the pressures of weight which comes baring down upon you. Also they have to fight the elements like, rain, snow, sleet and the sun that is quite annoying and very aggravating.

A Muzzer’s job looks and seems to be an easy task from the outside looking in but, it is extremely challenging. There are certain techniques to learn in order to keep up with the so-called regulars that has been doing this for awhile. It’s not a steep learning curve but, it’ll take several months to get it down, unless you are a natural.

To sum it up a “MUZZER” is a paper carrier who delivers promotional materials and other publications, door-to-door in pre-selected areas of choice for various companies.


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