Door Hangers, Flyers & Menus

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Door Hangers, Flyers & Menus

AdvertismentsIt’s common knowledge that even the best marketing is wasted without a relevant target. Ideally, your target market should involve people or businesses ready to buy your product or service at the very moment they receive your marketing material. Door hangers are very effective at reaching your target market because they allow you to target specific areas and demographics to help increase your return on investment.

 For example, if you sell yard supplies, you can deliver your door hangers just to the homes with a yard. Or, if you sell insurance to renters, you can target your door hangers to specific apartment complexes. If you remove snow, you can focus on neighboring homes that do not currently use your services – and look like they could use it!

At Sparkles Delivery Service Inc., we specialize in distribution of your advertised printed promotional materials for your business. At Present, we do not have an in-house marketing team that can put together a marketing portfolio for you, but we can refer you to one of our marketing and advertising partners that can assist you with any and or all of your advertising and promotional needs.

Our partners will also provide you with top notch advice for which promotional advertising products are the most popular. From marketing door hangers, brochures, fliers, menus and a long line of other services. Whatever the need, they can provide.

If you do not have graphic materials already prepared and you do decide to use one of our partners. You can have the printed materials sent directly to us and we’ll take them directly to the printer along with your instructions. If you have your own printer, we can arrange to pick-up your publication from your printer. We provide FREE pick-up within a twenty five mile radius, thereafter additional charges will apply. 

In addition to door hangers, flyers and menus, our partners can assist you with promotional advertising advice and marketing services tailored to your needs, they can also provide you with ideas for meetings and promotional incentives for your company trade shows and other events.

If you are seeking an experienced and reliable marketing distribution partner, contact us at Sparkles Delivery Service Inc. in Philadelphia, Pa today.


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